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Wow. This is not good. My last blog entry was in November! What has happened!?

Well, I spent the Christmas holidays over in the UK visiting my fantastic in-laws (seriously, I have the best in-laws). I spent my days drinking beer and wine, napping, watching movies, and shopping. Let’s just agree that Canadian shopping does not compare.

I will be adding many posts regarding my amazing finds in the forthcoming days!



Lest We Forget

As I sat watching the Remembrance Day Ceremony on the news (broadcast from Ottawa), I couldn’t help but stare at the faces of the men and women, most now wheel chair stricken, and feel incredibly grateful. These men and women did us a huge service, sacrificing their lives, giving up years, missing out on their children growing up, and I feel that they deserve all the respect and appreciation in the world.  One clip tugged on the heart strings especially, which showed a woman solider in Afghanistan pinning a poppy to her brother’s memorial, struggling to keep her composure. Thank you, to those to lost their lives, and those to continue to fight to keep this country safe and free. Lest We Forget. ❤

Craft fair treasure

This past weekend, I went to a craft fair with my mom and my sister. Thinking I would come out with nothing (craft fairs are usually pretty unsuccessful for me), I ended up finding my newest favorite necklace.

{Necklace, $20, Just Bead it}

I love the over sized heart, and the clasp is a gorgeous added touch.


Considering Halloween was two days ago, it is time to start thinking about Christmas (several retailers have already beat me to the punch…). Here are my Top 5 Items for the fashionista’s Christmas list.

1. Fashion Box

{American Eagle, $30.39, among other fine retailers}

This book talks EVERYTHING. From bikinis to denim, 1950’s to now, it shows you classics and gives you the knowledge you need to excel in fashion (not to mention, the cover is pretty enticing on its own…).

2. Combat Boots

{Aldo Shoes. $110}

Combat boots are a must-have for the fall/winter season. It can turn any outfit, a little “bad-ass”. Ensure to pair with skinny jeans, and a loose fitting top (my favorite is my red/white/blue loose fitting plaid top).

3. Jeggings

{Garage, $36.90}

If you’re thinking “JEGGINGS?!” stop for a second (Brandi, this means you!). You’re talking to the one who was SO against jeggings. Now, after I squeezed myself into a pair, and wore them for an hour or 2, you cannot get me back into a pair of regular jeans. Comfortable like leggings, these dark wash jeggings from Garage are my absolute favorite. They create a perfect shilouette and are perfect to wear with boots or flats!


{TOMS available at and in select retailers}

Now, these may not be on everyone’s wish list, but as a person who HATES flats, these are the perfect alternative. They give a casual feel to your outfit, look good, and who can forget the one for one initiative (that’s right, for every TOMS shoe sold, they donate a pair to a child in need in Third World countries. How can you NOT buy a pair!). They are also now available in Movember styles, complete with little mustaches embroidered in the side with proceeds to support men’s health.

5. Classic Mens watch (for women)

{Brands/Style varies}

This is a style of watch that I have come to really enjoy. It is a classic, timeless look (which you know I am a big fan of). I love the oversized look (not too large), and the white or black is a perfect combination with the silver links. This is one of my biggest items on my wish list (hint hint nudge nudge fam!!).

Some of these items I do already own, and some are on my wish list. These are must have’s for the upcoming season, but are also classics that won’t go out of style.

x B

Anniversary Weekend <3

This weekend, my husband and I celebrated our FIRST wedding anniversary! We had a fantastic weekend, spent in Vancouver. We had lunch at Kaimei Royale Japanese Restaurant (DELICIOUS!) and then checked into the Shangri-La Hotel in Vancouver (which is also where we spent our honeymoon!).

Saturday night, after we had checked in, we went to the BC Lions game (which they won against the Calgary Stampeders 33-31!).

{Blouse – Dynamite, Cami – Topshop, Jeans – Garage, Boots – Payless Shoe Source}

I needed an outfit that I could take from day to night, while still being fairly casual. This one worked pretty well! I ended up packing about 3 bags for our overnight adventure, but opted to wear only 1 outfit… I added a tan colored long cardigan with a cream floral scarf for the fall touch (and with my favorite trench coat, as seen below).

The next morning, we strolled the streets (and shops) in Vancouver, and ended up at the Granville Island Brewery. Which, by the way, the Pumpkin beer is delicious!

After Vancouver, we made our way to our city of marriage, White Rock, where we shared a picnic of Subway, and a stroll along the pier.

{Trench coat and Scarf – H&M}

Our wedding photo “spot”.

{October 9, 2010}

So, cheers to our 1 year together and the many, MANY more we will get to experience. Love you.


Feelin’ the blouse.

Over the last few weeks, I have found my newest obsession. Blouses.

{Blouse – Gap, Jeggings – Garage, Heels – Sirens}

This blouse is one of the best fashion finds I have had. Ever. It came to a whopping $3.23. My sidekick and best friend, K, hates me for this, as she wanted it, but failed to purchase (unknowingly, I picked it up). I love the loose fit of the blouse, mixed with tight fitting pants, and heels. I tend to keep my tight fitting items to a minimum, as I start to feel stuffed into my outfit (not to mention that I find head-to-toe-tight a bit on the “revealing” side).  Since this blouse, I have picked up 2 more, a lilac and a nude. The next item on my list is a pearl necklace. It’s almost time to give mine back to the generous friend…

x B

Emma Teresa Ann Weatherby <3


Yesterday, my sister gave birth to the most beautiful little girl. Emma Teresa Ann Weatherby, born at 9:53 am, weighed in at a healthy 6lbs 10oz and is perfect! All 10 fingers, and all 10 toes. 

Our new addition to our ever-so-close family is nothing short of perfect. Discharged from the hospital this morning, Emma, Mommy, Big Brother James and Daddy are all enjoying their first day at home. Our chubby cheeked little girl is going to grow up with the best Brother, Mommy, Daddy, Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, Grandmas, and Grandpas (the greats included), and she is going to be able to experience one of the best family dynamics I have the pleasure of being a part of. Love you Emma ❤

x Auntie Brookie

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